Made-up Variants



Star Wars figures are soon approaching a half century in age. The effects of temperature and UV can irreversibly alter the polymers within the plastic resulting in vibrant colour shifts. This also applies to the paints used to decorate the figures.

Here’s a few examples…


Bleaching/Peroxiding of figures has become more commonplace in recent years in an attempt to restore the original colour. This has been proven to be a short term fix and is harmful to the integrity of the plastic. Bleached figures WILL return back to their original yellowed state. It is a nightmare for the hobby with unscrupulous sellers passing off yellowed figures as mint. This process is more tolerated in the US with the unfortunate and short-sighted “it’s my toys and I’ll do what I want” mantra.

To identify a bleached figure, it could have a lot of scratching to the surface or paintwork, yet retain a bright white plastic colour. In some cases, the figure may actually appear whiter than normal and have a more brittle tactile feel to the plastic.

“Visually it would be difficult – but the mechanical properties would be weaker and you could use some advanced spectroscopic techniques to look for polymeric changes with FTIR or Raman Spectroscopy. But for the collector I would say there may be a smell to the figure, a fading of paintwork and possibly cracking to stress points like around the joints as the ABS will almost certainly be weaker and more brittle due to crosslinking of the polymer structure.” Lee Bullöck


Neon boba
green limb chewie
Uncracked limbs (anything)..
Eyes right hammer..
Yellow eye iggy
Filled peg holes
Short leg figures
Dimple r2
Green dengar
Jawa 2 left arms
Green chewie
Dimple r2
Probably a filled Peg
Metallic green Leia and chewie
8D8 2 left/right legs
Grey fett
Cross eyes Hammerhead
Yellow emblem atat driver
Green limbed wicket
Yps snowtrooper
Metallic green imperial commander
Yellow eyes ig88
Squid head with discoloured capes
Ghost face Luke bespin
Gold dome R2
Golden DSD
Bi-tone belt fetts
Green snake yoda
White limbed lobot
grey limbed Snow trooper
grey head yoda
Ugnaght aprons
Yellow pad fett
White stitch jawa
Dimple.dome R2
Golden dome R2
Upside down sticker PD
Metallic pouch Chewie
Silver 3po
Ghost face luke Bespin
Yellow snake
Dented toe Snag
LL C3PO Leg dent
Short scarf ledy
White bib
Green dengar
Dark skin GG
Yellow helmet ccp
R2 Sensorscope with red sticker stripe
Grey Gaffi stick Tusken
Stripped DSD & 3POs
Removable rocket LL fett
Short Ears LL Yoda