Amanaman Staff


The Amanaman Staff was usually released with the following combinations of colour to figure:

Brown Amanaman Staff:

There is only one main mould variant known. Subvariants might exist and may not all be documented. As a result of the fact that these were shot on a sprue tree in higher numbers the subvariants may vary depending on the steel mould used.



M1 was produced by SMILE in HONG KONG. The staff does not swim when submerged in water. The following colours are known:

  • brown with beige paint



The R1 staff is one of the newest reproductions out there. They don’t swim when submerged in water and the material they are made of is as close as possible. If you follow up the comparison picture above you can see the seamline doesn’t match perfectly on the small skull and details are missing on the large skull are the best tell tails so far.  The following colours are known to date:

  • brown with beige paint


The R2 is made out of a tin lead recast painted in brown and beige. It might be one of those unpainted tin lead reproductions made in the 90s and got painted afterwards. Anyway it is already easy to determine this reproduction by its pure weight. Needless to say they don’t swim when submerged in water. The following colours are known:

  • Painted brown and beige