This little guide is dedicated to the variants of variants, named Lili Ledy. There is already a lot of and also great information out there on Lili Ledy figures. To name only the best resource, please have a look at the TIG-Guide from Marco: LL Guide

This little guide has a closer look on different variants among the Lili Ledy figures. It is well known that i.e. Bib Fortuna was released with a burgundy cape and a greyish cape on “El Regreso del Jedi” cards, but there is a lot more variants on Lili Ledy figures. The reasons for the changes in colours, paint, plastics and used materials for the accessories are the poor quality control and maybe also Kenner, which was interacting from time to time if they weren’t satisfied with the results.

We also have changes in production from the ESB line to the ROTJ line and also from the only in Mexico released ROTJ line to the so called MIM (Made in Mexico) ROTJ line released in the USA. It is still not totally known what happened in which Mexican factory in certain time frames, but i.e. we have a lot of figures we can assume being from the early ESB line or some which seem to be mainly released only on MIM cards.

Speculations, degradation assumptions and very good fakes hitting the market and the community these days, so I personally suggest you to make up your own mind on those variants. To me those figures presented here are all real variants (if not stated different). People who have already a full set will hopefully love this. I personally had lots of fun gathering those and I have to say that Lili Ledy variants often differ much more then variants among the Kenner production.

I want to thank Ozio for his help on building up my collection on LL variants and for the time he spend to confirm samples I had found and always was willing to share his opinion, thoughts and knowledge. Thanks my friend, without you this wouldn’t have been possible.