Lili Ledy Han Solo Endor

A very similar fabric was used for Han Endor coats compared to the Bib Fortuna coats. It looks like it is only used reversed and additionally sprayed with “camouflage” texture. But the Han cape has a fluffy lining that only was used for the burgundy coat Bib Fortuna. So the material in general differs a bit regarding the LL Bib Fortunas.

Two differently coloured fabrics can be noted on Han Endor. A brownish one and a greyish one are known. These colours are not result of fading or being dirty. Both my examples are mint and I have seen a lot more of both variants in years. It can be also noted that the brownish one always has a much darker tone used for the camouflage.

It is said that Han Endor also can come with a blue blaster, but to me the only correct blaster going with this figure is the black one.

You can also note two different heads on those pictured above. Facial details, the colour of the hair as well as the colour of the plastic seem to be really different.