Vendor Codes





 – Kader
 – Unitoy
 – Smile
 – Jetta
 – Qualidux
 – Great Shin
 – Hong Kong, China or Macau?




The first letter describes the location in the ROTJ area: T = Taiwan, M = Macau and H = Hong Kong.

The second letter is the factory code.

1. Prior to 32B Backs:
   No vendor codes present.

2. 32B – ESB 48 Backs: Vendor codes can be present in several places
   K (“Kader” of Hong Kong)
   U (“Unitoy” of Hong Kong)
   S (“Smile” of Hong Kong)

3. ROTJ 48 – POTF:
    TJ (“Universal Manufacturers” of Taiwan)
    TC (Taiwan, Only on vehicles?)

    HN (“Smile” Hong Kong and Macau)
    HT (“Unitoy” Hong Kong)
    HG (“Kader” China, Macau)

    ME (Macau)
    MC (Macau, only on vehicles???)

Known Vendors

“Kader Industrial Co. Ltd.” (known: “K”/”HG”)

Location Hong Kong  and after ’83 with plants in China and Macau.

Established in Hong Kong in 1948, Kader celebrates 60 years as a leading plastics and toys manufacturer. Providing integrated manufacturing services and also specializing in fine scale model railroads, Kader’s products continue to delight consumers of all ages around the world.

In the 70s and 80s, business from foreign clients continued to expand, leading the Company to produce such famous products as the original Star Wars figurines, Teddy Ruxpin and Cabbage Patch Kids. The Company also started its Mainland operations, opening its first factory in the border town of Shekou in 1983.
The move allowed Kader to overcome labour supply constraints in Hong Kong, making room for further growth. Led by sons Dr. Dennis Ting (currently the non-executive Chairman of Kader Holdings Company Limited) and Mr. Kenneth Ting, the Company was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1985.

homepage: http://www.kader.com.hk/

“Unitoy (H.K.) Limited ” (known: “U”/”HT”)

Location Hong Kong

Unitoy is a member of Uni-Fortune Toys Group which is a toy manufacturer as well as a Hong Kong based company. We own our factories in China and all the tooling, engineering and production are integrated at our China plant. In view of our high product quality and innovation concept of product design, we are granted to work with some renowned brands for years. Apart from our own products, our expertise on product development enables us to be competent to handle with OEM projects. Our manufacturing plant has been certified with ICTI and our products are complied with ASTM and EU toys product safety requirements.

Homepage: http://www.uni-toys.com

“Smile Industries Ltd.” (known: “S”/”HN”)

Location Hong Kong with plants in Macau.

Smile Industries Limited was founded by Mr. Joseph Law in 1971. Smile established her first production facility at Dongguan, China in 1980. Smile’s Mission is to assist her clients to achieve a Competitive Advantage by Delivering Quality Products and Services of Unmatched Value.

Smile is already the leading manufacturer for LED decorative light strings in North America and Canada.

Smile’s factory at Dongguan is called Jianda Manufacturing Company, Ltd. It is only 30 minutes north of Hong Kong by train. Total manufacturing floor space is about 2.2 million square feet. The work place is very well laid out for efficient, safe and comfortable work environment. It has dormitory space enough for nine thousand workers. And also have five family apartment buildings for it’s engineering and staff members. The number of workers on the average is about 5,000.

Infosite: https://hongkong.mingluji.com/Smile_Industries_Ltd

Smile Industries Ltd,

“Universal Manufacturers” (known: “W”?/”TJ”)

Location Taiwan

This factory was responsible for figure and some vehicle output during the Return of the Jedi era.

January 2023, an ESB 48bk “Made in Taiwan” Boba Fett surfaced, with a “W” vendor code. This offset printed cardback never made it to market and to date is the only example known. This is possibly the single letter vendor code for Universal Manufacturers prior to the two letter system being established.

There’s no further info we can offer about this vendor as yet.

“Jetta Company Ltd.”

(as listed in a Palitoy Far-East document)

Location Hong Kong

Established in Hong Kong in 1977.
Focus on manufacturing of toys and gifts.
Started China factory from 1981.
Currently one of the largest OEM toy manufacturers:
5 major plants in China
Exceeding 40,000 employees.

homepage: http://www.jetta.com.hk/

“Qualidux Ind. Co Ltd.”

(Mentioned on “Rocket Rider” (Biker Scout) QC  Sample)
Location Hong Kong with plants in Macau.

was founded and commenced operation in 1964 and has been one of the Hong Kong’s leading & largest plastic injection molding factory in the field of plstic toys/household goods for more than 40 years.

homepage: http://www.qualidux.com.hk/

“Great Shing” (known: “GS”)

After Smile, Unitoy, Kader, Qualidux and Taiwan factory, we still don’t know the name from, we have another company that was involved later in the line. Shown is a Quality Sample that was for sale recently. The cardback is a regular sample as it was available. It shows that only the Imperial Sniper rig was from GS and made in Hong Kong. The other two rigs, Security Scout and One-man Sand Skimmer, are stamped MC and made in Macau.

The punch from GS is identical to some POTF cardbacks produced by HN (Smile HK).
Another one we have to keep in mind. So far I only found the Sniper to be marked GS. No other figure or vehicle so far. Story to be continued….

Most factories have their “Headquarters” in Hong Kong. But QC samples show that these are additionally marked with “Macau”, whilst the vendors were/are located in HK. It is also known that round 1983, Kader took production to China, and later Macau. The production costs were cheaper there.

What does that mean for the figure COOs and the cardback writings? We know that Kader while based in HK, produced some of the “raised bar China” figures and the cardbacks say: “Made in China”. Many 65A “HG” have a “Made in Hong Kong” sticker covering printed “China”.

QC Samples

The samples are branded with a logo on top left corner. Here is one with additional written text: “G.M. Products (H.K.) Ltd.” =General Mills Products (Hong Kong) Limited.

QC Sample Kader:

QC Sample Smile:

QC Sample U.I. (Universal Industries ie.Unitoy)

QC Sample Qualidux:

QC Sample Great Shing