Lili Ledy C-3PO Removable Limbs

Together with Teebo, this is the rarest of all Lili Ledy standard figures in my opinion, especially with original LL accessories. We can find C-3PO removable limbs with HK Coo and with No Coo.

Both LL figures are made out of the typical white plastic and both versions have “Kenner” pendants although this is pretty much unknown. The No Coo version from “Kenner” is even more rare then the LL version.

A myth that just seems not to die is the existence of a LL removable limbs C-3PO with no Coo raised bar. Lili Ledy never produced a raised bar C-3PO.

Both Coos can be found with either a “fat” or a “slim” head. The slim headed ones can be called factory error, because a wrong head, the head from the fixed limbs C-3PO, was accidentally used. For more see: C-3PO