Lili Ledy Luke Bespin

The Luke Bespin was released in two different versions. The early version has smoothed no Coo and very light blonde hair whilst the later version has mustard brown hair and raised bar No coo. The third version pictured here is made out of an original overstock head from the LL factory and a regular raised bar no Coo torso. These very dark brown heads were never released but survived as bigger overstock find and were “puzzled” together with regular LL figures many times. There is no proof of one figure originally put together by the LL factory with the dark brown coloured hair. Nevertheless it became a standard “variant” in LL collecting and I must admit it looks just great.

The early version not only has a different mold and hair color it has many other unique features. The blonde hair color is unique among all produced Luke Bespins as well as the unpainted hip (see picture to the right) combined with sabre hilt “attached” to the belt. Of course the so called PBP Luke Bespins can have unpainted hips too, but none of them has the hilt “attached” to the belt. It can only guessed if the Luke Bespin with blonde hair came with the same weapons as the mustard one, but it is assumed that the blonde version came with a unique “Rebel Blaster” pictured above.