Lili Ledy Han Solo Bespin

The variants on Han Bespin I nearly like most. This is not the first time the Lili Ledy factory has done even better then other factories in the world.

Pictured above are the two main variants. There are two different Coos known: No Coo and MIHK. Whilst the No Coo version with dark brown pants, over painted ears and black hair is very well known, the MIHK version is pretty much unknown. The legs are made out of a lighter brown plastic and sometimes the belt buckle at the back is also painted. This is really an improvement compared to other produced Han Bespin figures. The spray mask used for the belt buckle at the back differs totally to the one used for the front torso. So this one is unique and was made exactly for that belt buckle at the back.

This was sadly changed very soon, so that most MIHK LL Han Bespins lack this wonderful feature. The MIHK version must have been a very early version and is especially with both painted belt buckles extremely rare.

I accidentally didn’t use the correct weapons these came with. The MIHK one came with a black Bespin Blaster which could of course be mixed up. I’m not sure if any of these Han Bespins ever were released with a black blaster, but on the other hand there were even heads mixed up in LL factory (see C-3PO).