Ugnaught Case


   MI:  Unitoy
   MII: Kader
   MIII: Smile

Three factories. Three cases.
Not much to add really other than pay attention to the detail. There is a repro version of this case which unknowingly will be in MANY collections. It’s most similar to the top one in the graphic – the Unitoy mould. The position of the gate scar, the thickness of the handle, if it doesn’t match the examples shown here, it’s repro.


Thomas Gill

Thomas Gill

A real c*** this one, comes from the same maker of the Madine Staff and Prune Face rifle.
Very close to original this, floats and I know at least one person it has fooled….. me 😒. First three pictures show it next to each factory mould and is most like the Unitoy case (pic3) so that’s what I’ll be comparing to here. Four major differences are…
-The texture, rough compared to original
-The pinched handle
-The gate scar. Located on the opposite side, However the repro shares the same scar location as Kader and smile so worth double checking it’s not either of those.
– Narrow bottom, almost sunk in.
Other than those it’s very close 😕. Over all look and thickness of handle is spot. Not much more I can say on this one.
Hope this helps some collectors out.