Bespin Security Guard (White)


DON’T RELY ON JUST THE COO TO IDENTIFY A FIGURE. Mould, paint colour, plastic colour and figure assembly traits are also needed to confirm your figure’s origins.

Cuff comparison

Image credit and text with thanks to Nick Eppinga
Left to right:
Smile 2L HK (F1-1)
Smile no COO (F1-2)
Unitoy 2L HK (F2)
Kader 4L MIHK (F3)
Poch 4L MIHK (F3)

Poch Guide

The figure shown in the middle on the first picture is the Poch Bespin Security Guard. Shown next to him is its COO counterpart from Kenner and a carded one from Juan Carlos.

As far as I know this variant was discovered by Mike_Skywalker. It’s mostly missing the typical melt marks on the back, but we have found and seen quite a few of these till today. It seems that it’s one of the more “common” Poch variants. Regarding the carded one you can see the typical signs: the pale hands and the very “strong” red cuffs.

To the right you can see another one I owned, the one from Mike_Skywalker (middle) and one picture from a recent auction. What you can see regarding all these examples is that the gold is mostly gone or pretty dark. It also seems that there were two different spray masks used on the face. The left and right one have slightly different look compared to all other examples shown here. Again it seems that PBP has often changed their way of producing those toys.

The COO is shown, but doesn’t help to identify this variant. Only the applied paint is what makes this figure unique: The “bloody” and very “freaky” cuffs can only be found on this certain Spanish variant. I have never seen a Kenner one with such red paint regardless to its COO.