Smile: #1
   Kader: #1
   Smile No COO: #2
   Lili Ledy/Made in Mexico: #3

Squid Head COO V3 Sheet coming soon



Figure Guide

The Hong Kong factories of Kader & Smile (Kenner), plus the Mexican factory of Lili Ledy produced the Squid Head figure.

Plastic and paint colours are key to identifying the figures as the mould variations are very difficult to spot. The moulds for the Kader produced Squid Head were later sent to the Lili Ledy factory in Mexico for their production run, some of which made their way onto the Kenner “Made in Mexico” cardbacks.

It’s worth noting that the cape colours shown here are irrelevant. MOCs show us that Kenner Squid Head was packaged with a dark green and brown capes. Lili Ledy produced Squid Head in a more colourful array of green, burgundy, red, dark brown and tan. The rainbow of colours we now can find with his cape are likely a result of temperature and exposure to air which has altered the pigments. Some capes have been chemically altered and in some cases the pigment from the cardback itself has leeched into the fabric creating a colour transition.


Smile: Greyish head, recessed peg hole, cold grey cuff paint, crisp moulding.
Kader: Flesh coloured head, non-recessed peg hole, warm grey cuff paint, less defined moulding.
Lili Ledy/MIM: Similar to Kader, but with no country of origin stamp.