DON’T RELY ON JUST THE COO TO IDENTIFY A FIGURE. Mould, paint colour, plastic colour and figure assembly traits are also needed to confirm your figure’s origins.

COO Family I


The yellow pads variant is surely a result of degradation. But the grass-green chest armour isn’t. I never saw that armour with orange pads so the degradation and the chest colour go together. The backpack also has a very unique bright blue colour (which can also differ. I have two very different ones)

Next up is the standard large copyright HK Boba Fett

To the right we can see the No COO French Trilogo (so called “Meccano”) Fett. He only was released on French Trilogo cards. The green chest armour and the used brown for the belt and visor differ regarding the HK Fett next to it.

COO Family II/ III



In the first picture regarding the COO family II/III, we can find all HK II/III Fett variants that share the same limb colour regarding the torso.

Mostly the chest armour colours can differ a lot. That is important regarding the POCH one. Because mostly he is compared to one of those, but to be sure you need a comparison to all existing colour variants.

Besides the different chest armour colours please also notice the very different belt colours. The Poch one i.e. has a colour that is very close, if not identical to some of the later produced PBP/Trilogo ones!

The last one is IMO most interesting. He is the only figure in family II/III sharing light limbs, head and torso! The colours are very freakish and unique. 

In the second picture regarding the COO family II/III, we can find all HK II Fett variants that share lighter limbs regarding the torso.

The first one clearly has a unique dark brown colour used for belt and visor.

The two in the middle differ mainly in the way the limbs degraded. Like on Bossk and Luke Pilot i.e. there seems to be very often two main colours in the way those degrade……so i am guessing its two different batches/ producers? Anyway…these can’t be found with unfaded limbs to my knowledge.

Last one is the infamous main POCH variant. Again: Check for the chest armour colour and also the belt colour that are very unique and a true tell-tale. 

COO Family II: No Coo

PBP/ Lili Ledy

The two main Ledy variants. The unglued and therefore removable rocket is more likely a factory error. But what you can’t deny is that there is a heavy difference in the chest armour colour on those two. 

See below for more information on the LILI LEDY REMOVABLE ROCKET BOBA FETT, please read Ozio’s excellent article on this figure.

The so called PBP/Trilogo Boba Fett’s can come in so multiple colour combos that you can make a focus on them alone. I tried to built up a set with the main 5 variants including all oddities!

The first two have the same wrist/knee combo but this is the only combo that appeared in light brown. So the differences are most obvious.

The third is besides the wrist/dart combo one of those so called “black” belt variants which can occur on other combos as well.

The last one is interesting because he has mixed up belt colour (limbs/torso) and a very unique green to the chest armour. 




Made in Mexico by Lili Ledy back on the 80’s. This variant or factory mistake it’s one of the most popular figures from the Star Wars toy line made by Lili Ledy. The first information available on this figure was a technical card inside the ‘Universo Starwars’ Mexican magazine back on 2003.

Since then this figure became one of the more sought after LL items on the hobby, for that same reason it became one of the most faked ones too. Some LL Boba Fetts where assembled and sonic welded without the rocket inside, (that’s why it could be called a factory mistake), after that the rocket was added and locked in with a turn, in order to take the rocket out and depending on the position of the tab inside Boba you have to turn in right or left, then pull it up, if you want to insert the rocket back you have to push it down and turn it (depending on the position of the tab), right or left, you will hear a clicking sound that indicates that the rocket is locked.

After one RR Fett got a broken tab because of the ‘clicking sound test’ I wouldn’t recommend it.

The big difference between a regular LL Boba Fett and a Removable Rocket Boba Fett is the rocket.

On a Regular LL Boba Fett, the tab on the rocket is inserted on a hole and another tab holds firmly the rocket inside the figure, after the welding process everything merges a bit so there’s no way to take it out without damaging the figure and the rocket, that’s why an original LL RR Boba Fett has a complete, clean, undamaged rocket with complete, undamaged tab, even if the rocket was inserted and taken out several times.

Rocket must be complete and have no melt marks at all, especially on the opposite side of the tab:

As the rocket on a LL RR Boba Fett was inserted after the welding process, Rocket should not have any signs of melting or blue marks on it. The blue mark comes from the contact between the rocket and this inner tab on the front torso:

This is the position of the rocket with the tab inserted correctly:

As you can see the inner tab on the front torso holds the rocket on its place and that’s why after the welding process that inner tab leaves a melt mark on the rocket, right on the opposite side of the rocket’s tab. So a LL Rocket with a blue mark, or blue residues on the opposite side of the tab on the rocket comes from a regular LL Boba Fett.

If you find this mark on the opposite side of the tab you have a Rocket that was removed from a ‘regular’ LL Boba Fett. And of course you can get the ‘cleaned’ rocket, a sanded-damaged rocket to cover the melt mark. Always pay especial attention to the oposite side of the tab on the rocket, it must be complete and clean without melt marks, damage, etc. Like this:

The rocket hole on the back of Boba Fett must look clean with no melting marks inside:

On a regular LL Boba Fett, mould line on rocket is horizontally aligned to the shoulders but on a LL RR Boba Fett, mould line on the rocket it’s not horizontally aligned to the shoulders.

On some examples, rocket was wrongly inserted on Boba’s torso BEFORE welding process, the tab on the rocket was not inserted on the hole on the back of the torso, these LL Fett’s share the same characteristic that the RR Fett, the mold line on the rocket it’s not horizontally aligned to the shoulders but it won’t come out easily, why? Because it has merged inside on some parts, remember the tab on the rocket is not on its place so if you turn it it will eventually turn, we will discuss this variant on a different thread. AND that’s it, I hope you guys find this info helpful.

The key to recognise an original RR LL Boba Fett is a clean rocket with no melt marks on the opposite side of the tab, and a clean inside on the back pack.

COO Family IV


The standard TW Fett can come in two different main colours regarding the chest armour.

The oddity here is the painted helmet TW Fett. There is many theories why this one is produced like it is (food for another topic). In fact there is three main colours on those painted Fett helmets. I sadly only stumbled upon the very same every time. I will try to get you pictures of all three soon. 

Colour comparisons

Colour comparison of Family I & IV
Please notice the different brown tones and the different colours on the backpacks. 

Colour comparison of Family II/III HK
Please notice the different brown tones and the different colours on the backpacks. 

Colour comparison of Family II No COO
Please notice the different brown tones and the different colours on the backpacks. 

Mould family & head comparison

For the mould comparison please check the detail to the side of the helmet.

Besides the different helmet moulds and colours please also regard the chest armour colours side by side. 

Droids Boba Fett

The most common Droids Boba Fett is the Taiwan COO figure (including an example with a painted helmet). The punch on the cardback is Taiwan. Kader HK produced Fetts have also appeared on the TW Droids era cardback, suggesting that an addition of overstock figures were packed to clear out supplies in this late era.  

Refer to some carded Droids examples in our Boba Fett Cardback Guide HERE »