Death Squad Commander


DON’T RELY ON JUST THE COO TO IDENTIFY A FIGURE. Mould, paint colour, plastic colour and figure assembly traits are also needed to confirm your figure’s origins.

Poch Guide

The second figure from the left is assumed to be the Poch version from the Death Squad Commander. Shown next to it are its COO counterparts from Kenner. As you can see the emblems do quite differ on those. The Kenner ones have one in common: The red paint was always applied before the blue one. In contrast the Poch is done the other way around. Also the red bar seems to be significantly shorter then the blue one.

Comparing this figure to the carded one shown here nothing can be fully confirmed, but I think it’s very close.

Besides the different emblem, there are other typical Poch features. The „dripped“ paint on the boots and the gloves is one of them. You can also see the silver dot is looking like a „blob“. This is for sure hand-painted and not sprayed. I never have seen that on a Kenner one (besides touched up ones).

The picture shows the COO from this Poch figure. You can also see a typical melt-mark on the torso’s back.
All these signs: slightly different paintjob, melt-mark on the back and the „dripped“ looking paint makes him a Poch variant to me, but please decide for yourself.

Lili Ledy

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