DON’T RELY ON JUST THE COO TO IDENTIFY A FIGURE. Sculpt, Paint colour, plastic colour and figure assembly traits are also needed to confirm your figures origins.

COO Family I:

Kader/ Poch/ Kader China

You will find two torso moulds on those (Most easy to spot the dimple to the knob on the chest) .

All figures have the typical form to the mouth piece looking like a rocket (“rocket mouth”). It seems that there is also two spray masks that only differ in their seize (here: wide and small). They can be found on HK and the later altered China ones.

The Poch one has some extra flaps to the mouthpiece which makes him very unique regarding the others.

COO Family II:

Unitoy/ Poch

You can find two main different spray masks on that family. Mouthpiece is just a line and it can be slim or wide. The third one is simply over sprayed wide mouth piece but it can be included because this happened very often.

COO Family III:

Unitoy/ Poch/ PBP/ Lili Ledy

Again we have mainly two different mouth pieces sprayed on those. A slim variant and a wider one.

The Poch variant 3, as well as the Ledy and both PBPs share the limbs with this family III but are made out of the torso used for family II. While travelling the cavity moulds may got mixed up.

Poch and Ledy not only differ in the material used, even though both are made out of a kind ABS like plastic (“hard torso”). The spray masks are very different as well. While Ledy always has a very wide mouth piece sprayed, PBP has a smaller, even a thin one sprayed.

*ABS: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

COO Family IV:


This family has so many unique features. Its the only family you can find a “rocket” mouth piece sprayed and a standard mouth piece sprayed.

Another interesting fact is that the two torso moulds that exist for this family can be easily identified by the back of the helmet –> Version A or B

The No COO version can come in standard plastic or also made out of ABS like plastic (“hard torso”). The No COO soft torso version is the Stormtrooper that stays most white from my experience, regarding all Stormtroopers and all families

*ABS: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

COO Family V & VI:

Takara & Top Toys

Famous alternative mould made in Japan from Takara with cross slotted screw in the back.

No COO, no copyright and no peg holes to the version made by Top Toys in Argentina.

Both figures come with very unique weapons as well. 

Mould family comparison

A very complicated character. With almost two different torso moulds to each family. We don’t have much colour for comparison, so its mostly the mould and the black paint applied. 



Thomas Gill

Thomas Gill

The Poon stormtrooper has been around a long time now. Not to be confused with those cheap shitty ‘crazy toys’ troopers that are brittle and poorly made, these are very good in the terms of quality for this reproduction figure. The plastic used is almost identical.

I’ll be comparing this to two originals, family II & family IV.

Family II because it has more in common mould wise, it has roughly the same 2 line HK coo (pic 3) and very similar torso sculpt (pic 8). This could be a recast that’s been altered, I say that because usually a recast of a figure would result in it being shorter which the poon trooper is not so maybe tweaked to make it more original looking

Also Family 4 as I believe it has the same sharp thin paint details (pic 4).

Although a very good reproduction it does have tell…

  • Very white. Although don’t just go off this but a pristine white VSW anything should be given a second look.
  • I’ve never came across a poon that the feet do not point together, it’s almost like the the right leg joint is slightly out (pic 10)
  • The most important tell to me is the larger flat area on the top side of the torso where the arm meets, this is larger than any original mould. It’s a good tell that (pic 9)
Poon Repro Figure Comparison

Poon blaster

This sees to have more in common with the shape of the V5 (Taiwan Fett blaster) but unlike the figure the blaster is very poorly made and made of much harder plastic so it sinks. An easy one to identify.