Glasslite R2-D2



R2-D2 Companheiro de C-3PO

DIFFERENCES: Compared to the Kenner counterpart, the Glasslite R2-D2 has:

  • A painted silver dome
  • A bright red eye
  • Darker blue paint ops (dome/legs)
  • Hand painted legs (TBC)
  • Different screw
  • Hard legs, Kenner flex
  • Different Decal
  • Different COO
  • A light green lightsaber


The closest COO relative with a “1977” stamp is used for the comparison below.

Glasslite on left / front view
Glasslite on left / right view
Glasslite on left / rear view
Glasslite on left / left view
Glasslite on the left
Glasslite on the left
Glasslite on left / underside view, note the difference in screw types.
Glasslite on left / plan view. Note the Glasslite dull sprayed silver dome compared to the Kenner chromed dome.


The Glasslite R2-D2 belongs to COO family #I,this family contains two main COO marking variations.

The original mold tooling stamped “1977” was produced as part of the power of the force range; commonly referred to as the last 17. All the figures from range lack a country of origin and are simply copyrighted L.F.L followed by a year.

The last modification took place for the Kenner Droids line changing the date from 1977 to “1985”. This version of mold tooling was later used by Glasslite as is therefore common to both the Kenner Droids & Glasslite product lines.

Glasslite (C) LFL 1985 COO with slotted screw.
Kenner (C) LFL 1977 COO with phillips screw.


The Glasslite R2-D2 came with unique decal, several differences highlighted on the left.


The Glasslite R2-D2 came with a semi-transparent light green lightsaber compared to the Kenner which is darker; both lightsaber mouldings have an EPM on the handle.

DIFFERENCES: Compared to the Kenner Lightsaber, the Glasslite Lightsaber is:

  • Light Green
  • Semi-transparent
  • Floats on the water test
The Glasslite lightsaber is semi-transparent compared to the Kenner which is solid when held up to a back light.
  • Both lightsabers float when placed in water
  • Kenner lightsaber sinks when tapped
Lightsaber Water Test
However the Kenner lightsaber sinks when tapped.


The name plate label above the figure bubble was added during the final stages of production – judging from the random placement of these labels this process appears to have been manual rather then automated.

The name plates contained three pieces of information: the Character Name, Description and a Unique Reference Number

R2-D2 – “Companheiro de C-3PO” which in English translates to “Companion of C-3PO”.

Glasslite used the same generic card artwork for all their figures, this method was echoed with their Droids product line.