Glasslite Tie-Fighter


Glasslite – O PODER DA FORÇA – Nave Interceptdora (1988)

The vehicle

Sculpt wise identical to it’s Kenner and European counterparts as Glasslite appear to have used the same tooling. However it’s unique light grey/silver body, dark grey wings and alternative decals, help make the Glasslite Tie-Fighter vehicle a truly wonderful variation for collectors.

The vehicle is sound motorized but lacks the wiring for the light. The red cockpit light is in fact a “dummy” light that simply sits in the lower recess of the cockpit. Another unique feature of Glasslite Tie-Fighters is that the wings completely lack any decals, most likely a cost saving idea by Glasslite who instead moulded them in a darker shade of grey/silver.

  • Glasslite mixed up the names of the Tie Interceptor & Imperial Tie Fighter vehicles!
  • The included decal sheet is common to both sets as neither Tie-Fighter’s feature wing decals.


The Glasslite packaging depicts a totally unique scene featuring a Tie-Fighter and several other spacecraft flying over the surface of an orange planet. The top right corner of the box includes movie stills of Darth Vader and a Star Destroyer. The ‘Glasslite’ and ‘TV Toys’ logos both feature prominently. The box is made from two pieces, a full colour printed lid and a base made from corrugated cardboard. Inside the base are several corrugated cardboard inserts to protect the toy. This set contains a Tie-fighter cockpit; x2 wings; a decal sheet; and an instruction leaflet.