Prune Face Rifle


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Thomas Gill

Thomas Gill

Floating Prune Face Rifle

This is in my opinion one of the most scariest reproduction accessory on the market for these reasons.

  • It floats… Yes loads of repro do but people still use this method of testing religiously.
  • Prune is a mid to low range figure, I mean he’s not expensive. Not really a major focus figure and certainly not like any last 17 where you would really check those overly expensive accessories.
  • This isn’t a well documented reproduction , mainly because it’s under the radar.
  • These have been sold by the maker for years.
Points of interest are:

  • No EPM
  • End of barrel is slightly thicker
  • Main give away is the lack of iron sight at the end
  • Thinner (pic4)
  • More bendable compared to original

Please check yours. As I said above they’ve been around for a long time. Thanks for looking. Hope it helps.

Text & photos by Thomas Gill

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