Leia Organa (Bespin Gown)


DON’T RELY ON JUST THE COO TO IDENTIFY A FIGURE. Mould, paint colour, plastic colour and figure assembly traits are also needed to confirm your figure’s origins.

Poch Guide

The Leia Bespin shown in the middle is assumed to be the Poch variant. She is compared to her COO counterparts from Kenner. The next picture shows the same Leia without cape. Both, the carded and the loose one, show similar characteristics. The most significant parts are the pale hands and this time also the pale parts of the feet. The hair is more reddish compared to the known Kenner ones, but this can mostly be seen on the thinner sprayed parts or in very bright light.

Mike_Skywalker found a second one in Spain not long ago (left). As you can see by taking pictures with flashlight you have a better idea of how reddish the hair can look. The picture above was made in very bright day light. It’s very difficult to get this hair colour pictured adequate. It’s again compared to the same COO’s from Kenner.

I cannot find any melt-marks on my figure, but we will hopefully find further examples and maybe even one with original cape in near future.


There were two totally different versions of the LL Leia Bespin released. The China one, which is very well known, and a assumed very early release with nearly blonde hair and MIHK Coo. I saw a picture of that blonde Leia ten years ago and was searching for one more then 5 years.

The funny fact on that story is, that this Leia was used as comparison model for a LL China Leia on a picture and I could luckily buy them both. After I examined it and told others from the existence more were found in Mexico especially by my friend Ozio: Ozio’s Report on LL MIHK Leia Bespin

In my opinion there is no doubt that this is an early LL release. It is still very unknown and also extremely rare and unique.