Glasslite Luke Skywalker



DIFFERENCES: Compared to his Meccano (Tri/Mec) counterpart, the Glasslite Luke Skywalker has:

  • Pale face, neck and hands
  • Lighter yellow hair
  • Equal eyebrows
  • Darker trousers
  • A Black belt
  • Hand painted belt / trousers and hands (TBC)
  • Excess mould flashing
  • Melt marks (*)
  • Unique Lightsaber

*Melt marks have been present on 3 of my 4 examples.

NOTE: A Meccano (Tri/Mec) figure with an identical COO is used for the comparison.

Glasslite on the left / Front view
Glasslite on the left / Side view
Glasslite on the left / Rear view
Glasslite on the left / Side view
Glasslite on the left / Head detail
Glasslite on the left / COO detail
Glasslite on the top / Hand detail
Glasslite on the bottom / Melt marks on torso
Melt marks close-up
Melt marks close-up
Glasslite on the left / Poor quality paint work on belts
Brush marks on hand painted belt
Poor quality paint work on legs
Poor quality paint work on legs close-up
Poor quality paint work on hands
Mould flash on legs
Mould flash on arms

Poor QA also resulted in minor differences between batches.

  • Differences in paint applications.
  • Melt marks on the front of the torso.
  • Mould flash (see on these example along the legs and arms)


The Glasslite Luke Skywalker belongs to COO family #I, this family contains three main COO marking variations.

The original mold tooling was stamped “MADE IN HONG KONG” where the production for the earliest version of this figure took place. During the products life and possibly as part of a cost reduction exercise production was moved to China, there the country of origin “HONG KONG” was machined out of the mold tooling and re-stamped with “CHINA”.

The last modification took place for the Meccano (Tri/Mec) line removing the “CHINA” COO by once again machining out the country of origin stamp in the mold tooling. This effect seen in the molded figure is referred to as a “DOUBLE RAISED BAR”.

This version of mold tooling was later shipped to Brazil and used by Glasslite and is therefore common to both the Meccano (Tri/Mec) & Glasslite.


The Glasslite Luke Skywalker came with a v8 Lightsaber compared to the Meccano (Tri/Mec) v4 Lightsaber. The Lightsaber which came with the Meccano (Tri/Mec) variant is not unique and is therefore labelled as Kenner/Meccano in the comparison photos below.

Glasslite Lightsaber on top / Meccano (Tri/Mec) Bottom
Glasslite Lightsaber on top / Meccano (Tri/Mec) Bottom


  • Both lightsabers float when placed in water
  • Meccano/Kenner lightsaber sinks when tapped
Glasslite/Meccano (Tri/Mec) Lightsaber water test
Glasslite/Meccano (Tri/Mec) Lightsaber water test


Glasslite used the same generic card artwork for all their figures, this method was echoed with their Droids product line.