Glasslite Imperial Hoth Trooper



Guerreiro Imperial – Soldado de Elite do Império 

DIFFERENCES: Compared to the Kenner counterpart, the Glasslite Imperial Hoth Trooper has:

• Moulded in harder plastic
• Mould flash on the right boot
• Melt marks
• A scarred raised bar China COO
Separate visor holes in the helmet unlike the China “univisor”
Thicker black lines on the shoulders
Thicker spray mask on the belt button
No vinyl skirt
Packaged with a light blue imperial rifle

Glasslite on the left / front view
Glasslite on the left / rear view
Glasslite on the left / left view
Glasslite on the left / rear view
Glasslite on the left / right view
Glasslite on the left / head close up
COO: Glasslite on the left, note the scarred COO compared to the Kenner MADE IN CHINA (Raised Bar) on the right.
POOR QA: Glasslite on the left with predominant mould flash on the right boot
Two Glasslite figures both with sonic weld marks under the front belt buckle.
Two Glasslite figures, both with sonic weld marks on the right shoulder.
Two Glasslite figure, both with differences in paint applications.
Glasslite figure with mis-alignment torso prior to sonic welding.


The Glasslite Imperial Hoth Trooper belongs to COO family I, this family contains three main COO marking variations.

The original mould tooling was stamped “MADE IN HONG KONG” where the production for the earliest version of this figure took place. During the products life and possibly as part of a cost reduction exercise production was moved to China, there the country of origin “HONG KONG” was machined out of the mould tooling and re-stamped with “CHINA”.

The last modification took place when the tooling was shipped to Brazil and Glasslite removed the COO possibly by grinding the mould tooling leaving a scar where the “MADE IN” and “CHINA” stamps once where.

The scarred COO shown on the far right is unique to Glasslite, therefore the closest COO relative with a “MADE IN CHINA” stamp is used for the comparison below.


The Glasslite Imperial Hoth Trooper came with a light blue rifle compared to the dark blue rifle common to Kenner. Note that this imperial rifle mould can also be found in black version and came with the Glasslite Vlix action figure.


  • Light blue

  • Large flashing marks on top of the rifle

  • Sinks during the water test

Note the large break off points on top of the Glasslite rifle.

WATER TEST: Both Rifles float when placed in water…

However the Glasslite Rifle sinks when tapped.


The Glasslite figure did not come with a vinyl skirt unlike it's Kenner counterpart.
$@~% !! It's Dress Down Friday!


The name plate label above the figure bubble was added during the final stages of production – judging from the random placement of these labels this process appears to have been manual rather then automated.

The name plates contained three pieces of information: the Character Name, Description and a Unique Reference Number

“Guerreiro Imperial – Soldado de Elite do Império” translated in English meaning “Imperial Warrior – Elite Soldier of the Empire”

Glasslite used the same generic card artwork for all their figures, this method was echoed with their Droids product line.