Poch Jawa

The figure shown in the middle above is assumed to be the Poch variant of the Jawa. It is compared to his Kenner COO counterparts (left and right). The most obvious difference, with the cloth cape on, is the very unique sprayed eyes. Compared to the carded one this is a total match. I would also say that the cloth cape found with this loose one is the correct one. There is very less differences to a Kenner one, but it seems that the stitching is a bit wider especially on the hem below, not much, but maybe a hint.

Shown above is the Poch Jawa without cloth cape compared to its HK counterparts. What can be noticed first is the darker paint on the strap. If you have a closer look you will notice that the mould of the strap is different too. This is a mould from another HK-family/series and got probably mixed up in the PBP factory. The black paint applied on face and hands is much glossier and there is some sort of “irregularity” in the mould of the right arm. It looks like an additional “pleat” but it’s from a damaged steel-mould. The “flashing” on the legs seems also typical for this variant.

So this figure has a lot of identification points: strap-mould, eyes, right arm, paint and of course there can be also dents on the back. I have pictures of a second one which I’m not allowed to show, but I can tell you that all “identifications points” can be also found on this one. To me this variant is confirmed.