Palace Blaster


The Palace Blaster was usually released with the following combinations of colour to figure:

Grey/Brown Palace Blaster:

Blue-Black Palace Blaster:

  • AT-ST Driver (LILI LEDY)

There are 3 main mould variations plus the Top Toys one. Subvariants do exist and may not all be documented. As a result of the fact that these were shot on a sprue tree in higher numbers the subvariants may vary heavily depending on the steel mould used.


M1, M2, M3 & M4




M1 was produced by SMILE in Hong Kong and can come in three main colours:

  • light grey-brown (Luke Jedi HK COO/No COO)
  • dark grey-brown (Luke Jedi HK COO/No COO)
  • solid black (Lando General, Luke Poncho)



M2 was produced by UNIVERSAL MANUFACTURERS in TAIWAN and can come in two main colours:

  • light grey (Luke Jedi TW COO)
  • dark grey (Luke Jedi TW COO)



M3 was produced by UNITOY in Hong Kong and LILI LEDY in Mexico and can come in four main colours:

  • brown (Luke Jedi MIHK COO)
  • light greenish grey (Lili Ledy: Luke Jedi MIHK COO/B-Wing Pilot No COO)
  • dark greenish grey (Lili Ledy: Luke Jedi MIHK COO/B-Wing Pilot No COO)
  • blue-black with a violet hue ( Lili Ledy: AT-ST Driver No COO)


Top Toys

M4 was produced by TOP TOYS in Argentina:

  • brown (Luke Jedi no copyright, no country of origin)



This blaster was produced by MODEL TREM for the “AVENTURA NA GALÁXIA” line in Brazil. These are not made out of plastic but some lead-tin-alloy. The mould was only used in the mid 80s and came with their resident figures:

  • lead-tin-alloy unpainted

Courtesy of Martijn Emmelot.


Besides the licensed production through the Lili Ledy company, the bootleg production in Mexico was not in hand of larger factories. These were family businesses, small establishments, that made their own molds, their own machines to inject the plastic. Therefore there is no specific lines or producers known.

These blasters shown below were packed mainly with S/A (semi-articulated) figures in the 80s, 90s and 2000s. The colour can in some cases indicate if it is an only 80s production or if it has been produced way later. They came on sprue trees together with Vibro Axe, Biker Scout Blaster, Handheld Saber and Rebel Blaster:

There seems to be an endless variety of colours on those. Shown below is a range of products:

  • white: produced in 80s and 90s
  • pink: only 90s
  • green: only 90s

The blaster shown below is often sold as vintage 80s, but was clearly made from the POTF2 BlasTech DL-18 Skiff Guard Blaster which was release 1996 (POTF2 Han Carbonite):


Thomas Gill

Thomas Gill

Posting this one up as I’ve seen a few of these pop up in groups lately.
Don’t see these often at all. An odd blaster based on the v1 mould with some obvious flaws if you take time to look.
It lacks in definition all over but does carry the usual traits of original that people tend to look for.
  • Floats. Some more than others. The grey seems to sink and then float back up or just kind float around in limbo
  • Has circle on grip that many repro don’t
  • Has has the small raised dot. Not very prominent but as I said above it does lack fine detail.
Point of interest are:
  • Cut off point is at the back of the blaster above the grip like only a v3 has (looks to be cut with a knife) whereas the v1 cut off point is on the butt of the gun.
  • The hole above grip. This imperfection is on all of these and is the biggest indicator
Thanks for looking.