The Yodfather

The Yodfather

COO Family I


Easy way of telling family I is they have more closed round “Pac-Man” eyes compared to say family III smile factory which are more open and moon shaped.

Kader Accessories

Kader Palitoy

Kader Miro Meccano

Some figures found on the early French Miro Meccano cards were kader Yodas but they often had a cape with different fabric which had a Heavier line and a different snake that I’ve labelled a transition snake. The same cape can also be found on Smile Yodas that we’re used on the later Meccano cardbacks.

I’ve called this snake a “transition snake” as we will see it’s a transition from the earlier kader epm snake to the “no COO” EPM “snake we will see next.

You can tell the transition snake because it often has heavier flashing and is richer in colour and doesn’t tend to degrade. Kader obviously changed the material they were using for there snakes.

Kader "Green Head"

Like the transition snake just shown kader also changed the head plastic on there figure, The figure became more green and it doesn’t seem to degrade also. Maybe kader realised the rubber for there snakes and the plastic for there heads were perishing quickly? But this may have been to short of a time period for them to tell and just coincidence?

I’ve called this figure a “green head” again like the transition snake I feel it’s the easiest way to describe it.

Kader then seemed to change there head plastic again slightly, the head became more matte in finish and this figure became known as a “no COO” figure. You can see how close the green head figure and no coo figures are it’s only sheen that separates them.

There has been discussions in the past on this forum about which figure is on the 48c revenge offer and 65c emperor offer and the answer is it can be a “grey head” a “green” or a “no COO” figure.
One thing to note is the “green head “ figure has very fragile eye paint and is often found with paint rubs to the eyes.

Kader "Green Head" No COO Transition

So what do I mean when I say “no coo”. This is a interesting piece of the puzzle we can speculate on. We saw in my second post about the Unitoy factory that Unitoy stopped making Yodas after there 41d card back, we saw there Apple heads were there last figure.

What happened next is interesting, Kader seemed to take the Unitoy moulds and scar them creating the “no coo” mould. They also seem to stop using there original moulds for there figures. They also stopped using there EPM moulds for their accessories.

So this figure has the matte “ no coo” head of the figure we will see next but the body of the family I kader factory. These figures have EPM accessories but there different to the earlier kader accessories so again it’s easier to label them “no coo” EPM.

Kader No COO

Unitoy sent there moulds to Kader as well as over stock belts and canes. These Unitoy moulds were then scared to create Kaders later no COO Yoda. So we were left with a transition from “grey head” to “EPM no coo”.

Here we can see a undegraded “greyhead” ,the green head transition figure and the transition no COO figure with matte head.

The “grey head” which was found on 48c revenge offer cards.

The green head transition figure with greener head and transition snake that doesn’t degrade, he is also found on 48c revenge offer cards and also 65c emperor cards.

And lastly the transition no COO figure with matte head and EPM no coo accessories, He is probably found mainly on 65 emperor offer.

In the above picture we see can have a mix of Unitoy accessories or Kader no COO accessories, so we find Unitoy canes.
when you look at the mould of the rigid unitoy snake, you can see kader took this mould and made the soft “no coo” snake.
So same mould as unitoy with sprue in mouth but with the same colour material as the kader EPM snake we have seen. These snakes don’t seem to degrade also.

Kader 65 back

So the next figure we can find, Kader is now using the scarred Unitoy COO, these tend to be found on 65 emperor offer and later on 77 back Kader.
They have lighter paint on there limbs compared to the earlier Kader and transition figures.

And can have a mix of Kader no coo/no coo EPM accessories and Unitoy accessories.

Kader 77 back

77 back kader. ( made in China)
Like the 65c the Kader 77 also says made in China. Kader then reverts back to made in Hong Kong for the POTF cards.
By the 77 back these figures are probably moving towards just having Unitoy belt and cane with Kaders “no COO” snake and Unitoys capes.

Kader POTF

After this we see the POTF figures from Kader.

Again using the scarred Unitoy figure and Unitoy canes, belts and cloaks and Kaders “no COO“ snake.

The potf seem to have slightly darker paint on there limbs then the 65/77 back no COOs.

This particular figure also got Unitoys darker cloak.
Comparison between dark and light cloaks, some may say it’s dirt but I feel this can be shown and found on cardbacks.
POTF figure with darker cloak and brown eyes.

Again some people say the paint variation is just how thickly the paint is applied which I feel is the case in some figures.

But I definitely don’t agree with this when it comes to Kader, there’s definitely brown, the common very dark brown/black and the true black eyes on the figure we will see next.

Kader "Meccano" EXCLUSIVE

So what makes the infamous “Meccano” variant different? the figure is a no coo figure same as POTF etc it’s only the paint application.

Meccano tends to have darker paint on limbs and true black paint on the eyes.
You can see on this figure the eyes are pretty round and filled in.
But even on this figure with more normal “pacman” shape eyes you can tell the eyes are blacker then a normal no COO.
Limb colour and eye colour against a 65 back no coo. You can see the eyes are a very dark brown on the 65 back.
The other thing people notice is the cane, it’s based on the unitoy mould as all later kader accessories are. But it’s a lot softer then a normal cane. It’s a similar material to the soft no co EPM cane we saw earlier in part 1 of the kader guide.
The belt is also different, It’s based on the unitoy mould but again it’s a softer plastic and more brown in colour.
It also has these strange bumps on the “lightsaber” part that are missing from the unitoy mould.
Meccano vs unitoy showing missing “bumps” on lightsaber part.

Family I: Lili Ledy

So this section is about the Mexican factory who had the license to produce Star Wars figures in Mexico, Lili Ledy.
Kaders first and only cards containing their “grey head figures” were on 48c card backs and released circa 82. We can see Kader supplied Lili Ledy there original moulds for their Retorno Yoda and the moulds for the accessories.
The moulds are the same but the materials and colours used are different giving us the Lili Ledy snakes and canes. So we can assume after Kader finished there Yodas circa end of 82 the moulds went straight to Ledy.

Lili Ledy "Imperio"

Photo from the collection of Julio Arreola.
Imperio Contraataca is the first card the ESB card for Mexico.
This card/ MOC is extremely rare.

Lili Ledy "Retorno"

So we know the Kader figure moulds went to Ledy but we can also see the cane moulds were sent there also. Generally the Lili Ledy cane is a rich deeper red went placed side by side with its Kenner counterpart.

It’s hard buying this figure loose to make sure the cane is correct unless the seller has a side by side comparison and good photos. Buying graded is near on impossible and not recommended.

Lili Ledy "Regreso" No COO

The later Regreso figure can be distinguished by its dark green head.

Like the evolution of the Kenner factories the Lili Ledy also followed suit by changing to paceman eyes and a darker head. Generally the limbs are darker then the Retorno figure but can vary from batch to batch.

Lili Ledy "Regreso" Accessories

Lili Ledy "Retorno-Regreso "Transition"

Lili Ledy "Made in Mexico"

The LL a moved from Mexico City to the Tijuana factory the regreso figures where then packet on 65 back made in Mexico cards only the regreso figures are found on this 65 back “Made in Mexico” Card. The card has a small “Made in Mexico” in bottom left corner and the pop Is blue where the kenner 65b pop is green..

COO Family II


Like the smile figures we can see the belt is splayed in the way it hangs but has a more visible “rope” twist to it.

Unitoy "cherry eyes"

Unitoys first figures were also orange snakes and like smile released on the 32b cardback.

These figures are sometimes called “cherry eyes” as they have a deeper colour red paint on there eyes compared to other orange snakes.

They also came with a HK label in there cloak, this stopped at some point as they obviously deemed it an unnecessary expense for production.

Some “cherry eyes” don’t have the label and Unitoys later figures also don’t have the label.

“Cherry eyes” cape with HK label

Unitoy Orange snake

This figure doesn’t have the dark red eyes or a HK label cloak but still has the same Unitoy belt, light cane and orange snake.

It also has the same brighter green head colour when compared to smiles orange snake figures.
All Unitoy figures are brighter in colour when compared.

So we have cherry on 32b and a orange snake on 41a.
Unitoy snake with its gate in the mouth.
The wider Unitoy cane with its better detail on the reverse
Unlike the smile belt that is thinner, the Unitoy belt is thicker mould.
The Unitoy belt has three holes or EPMs inside and can have a iridescent quality.
It’s also worth noting that the limbs of the cherry eyes figures can have a iridescent quality too.

All iridescent paint on star wars figures washes off apparently.
Orange snake comparison against family II Smiles.
Cane comparison against smiles.

Unitoy "Apple Head"

Unitoys next figure was on the 41d card, like smile they also changed there Yoda, probably due to pressure from Lucasfilm also?
They gave him a darker head, a darker cane and pacman eyes. This figure gets the nick name “Apple head” even though Unitoy made the head darker in typical Unitoy fashion it’s still pretty bright! Like Smile, they eventually moved to a brown snake but a figure can also be found with a orange snake, probably a transition and using up the surplus of orange snakes.
Eventually the last Apple heads had a brown snake like the Smile figures.

This snake unlike the Smile figures was rigid like there orange snake and still has the gate in its mouth.
“Apple head” with rigid brown snake and darker eyes.
A comparison of Unitoy rigid brown snake against smiles soft brown snake. You can see the sprue in the mouth of Unitoys and the gate in the side of smiles. Note the richer colour and shinier surface of the Unitoy snake.
The Wider more detailed Unitoy cane that came with apples.
There’s two Unitoy dark canes, a thinner version and a thicker version. Both are fairly rigid and have more detail on the reverse then the commonly found and replaced Smile cane.
Apples capes are unique as they tend to have a longer pile with clear looping in the fabric.
The Apple brown snake on 41d was Unitoys last figure and the 41d was the last card we saw any orange snake from smile or Unitoy.
You can see on the 45a smile cardbacks they took the orange snake figure and gave him a brown snake via photo manipulation, same can be seen on the Darth Vader case inserts.



So this section is about the Spanish licence for Star Wars figures in Spain. Poch was part of a tri-part company called PBP – Poch, Borras, Palouzie. There were three factories, the Poch factory was the part that made the figures, while the other factories made parts for other Star Wars merchandise. Kenner’s Kader and Unitoy overstock parts went to Spain to create the Poch era Spanish Star Wars figures. The company merged pretty quickly into just PBP pretty early on, but it’s commonplace to call the early waves of Spanish produced figures “Poch”.

Poch “Grey Head”

There are three main figures found in Spain, poch grey head , poch Apple head and lili Ledy/pbp regreso found on the 65 back cards.

The grey head is based on overstock Kader parts and the Apple head is based on unitoy overstock parts.

So one of the main differences between the two figures is the use of pochs own paint
The paint is often called “pistachio” in colour.
The paint is lighter and more muted then kenner factory’s colours.

Poch “Apple Head”

Again with these two figure it’s the paint that stands out having that unique “pistachio” colour.

So paint is one key, the paint is often thinly applied and missed in the contours of the hands and feet
There often lightly oversprayed on the bottom compared to the thickly applied kenner.

Accessory Pairing

Some people may have noticed the Apple poch pictured has a Kader EPM snake
Poch can have mixed accesories so Kader grey head or unitoy apple heads can be found with Kader or unitoy accessories mixed up.
Unitoy rigid snake can be found on both Apple and grey heads.

Both v1 EPM top and v2 EPM bottom Kader snakes can be found.
Canes can also be mixed and found on both poch figures.

Poch Assembly

Melt marks are another feature to poch, it’s not exclusive but are often found. So along with the paint, potential of mixed accessories, melt marks can also be a clue.
Unitoy bodys are found with this very specific melt mark I’m the body crease on the left hand side
This is a certain sign the figure is poch.

Kader body poch do not have this and are often not as heavily marked.
Excess flashing is another potential sign, these can be found on the feet and legs. Often poch figures are badly sonic welded so can fall apart or suffer loose limbs or open joints.

Poch Mixed-up Parts

The over more complex component is mixing of limbs and paint. We can see the poch grey head on the left has Kader limbs and Kader body painted in Poch paint.

The figure in the left has a Unitoy body, Unitoy limbs painted in the Kenner Unitoy factory paint.
So the limbs would have been painted overstock sent to Spain and assembled

Kader limbs in poch paint left, overstock Unitoy limbs in Kenner unitoy paint right.

Painted poch Painted figure left mixed overstock figure right with unitoy body.

Both of these Apple heads have poch colour paint but the limbs are unpainted overstock from the two different factories.
Kader Poch painted limbs left, Unitoy Poch painted limbs right.

So to show how mixed up these figures can get…

This is a Apple head mixed parts. The head is unitoy, the body is Kader, the left arm is Kader in poch, paint the right arm is Unitoy in Poch paint. The left foot is Kader in Poch paint ,the right foot is Unitoy in Unitoy paint!!!!!!!

So the limbs and head/ torso can all be mixed ups and a figure can be found with a mix of Kenner or Poch paint.

Unitoy mould belts

The belts were also supplied as overstock painted or unpainted so some have kenner supplied paint or some were painted by poch.
Unitoy Poch painted left you can see the badly applied dull silver paint.
The unitoy factory painted on the right you can see is better applied and brighter.
Interesting to note that poch didn’t paint there Kader belts in the inside. Whereas Kader generally did.

COO Family III


There are some subtle differences on the moulds of each family, most noticeable are the belts for the robes and the size of the feet. Family I belts hang vertically parallel and the feet are shorter, family II and III belts hang splayed and there feet are longer, family II belts have a more visible rope twist.

Smile Orange Snake

Smile Brown Snake

41d is where we see the first “brown snake” or “pacman” eyes figure from Smile.
It’s also where Unitoy changed there figure too.

There was possibly complaints from Lucasfilm about the fact that yoda had orange eyes and a bright orange snake.

Both Unitoy and Smile make similar changes to there figures. They both give them dark pacman eyes, they both change there snakes to brown, darken there heads and darken there canes.