Poch Luke Farmboy

The second figure from the left is assumed to be the Poch Luke Farmboy variant. There are two carded examples existing. Both have quite different pant colours compared to the loose one shown here. According to the carded ones the pants of this variant should be more close to the “dark greyish” Taiwan versions. The example shown here is not in good shape over all, but compared to recent auction pictures (see picture below) it is in acceptable shape. I have noticed that the boot colour on this is varying all over. I don’t know yet if it’s just discoloration or if it truly was applied that irregular. The pale hands seem again the true hint here. Another characteristic seems to be the quite higher positioned eyebrow on the left. Shown next to the Poch version are its COO counterparts from Kenner with different “eye colours”: from black to brown to red.

As you can see in the picture the limbs seem quite accessible for degradation. All the pictures don’t show that very well, but the boots are kind of “fickle coloured“. The paint is quite darker and more greyish compared to Kenner ones, but on the other hand there is parts that almost look the same. Sounds pretty much like discoloration, but again this discoloration seems to be typical for this Poch variant (like Kenner boots become greenish in time).

Shown below are the melt marks that can be seen on the figure’s back. A comparison shot of the boot colours (all taken from the same COO) can be seen to the right. The Poch variant in the middle is quite darker overall, but you can also see that the back part is darker compared the front part on this one.