Droids Guide


List of Released Vehicles
  • A-Wing Fighter
  • ATL Interceptor
  • Side Gunner



Originally released in 1985 and later in 1988 by Glasslite, The Droids action figure range was inspired by the animated cartoon series on the same name. The line released by both Kenner & Glasslite saw only one wave of action figures. A second wave was planned for release in 1986 by Kenner and although prototype figures exist they never saw production as the cartoon series was pulled due to a decline in popularity.

Except for Boba Fett and the A-Wing pilot the first wave mainly consisted on new unique action figures. Whilst two more of the action figures from previous ranges received new paint schemes C-3PO (Removable limbs ESB) and R2-D2 (POTF pop-up lightsaber).

Cardback Designs

Glasslite use the same generic card artwork for all their figures, this method was echoed with their Droids product line. The name plate label above the figure bubble was added during the final stages of production – judging from the random placement of these labels this process appears to have been manual rather then automated.

Production Matrix

The Droids action figure line was manufactured worldwide in no less then 5 different countries, a Production Matrix can be viewed here.

The production matrix includes all known carded variants to date. (Aug 2013)


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