Poch Darth Vader

The Vader shown on the left on the first pictures is assumed to be a Poch variant. Its COO counterpart from Kenner is nearly identical. The torso on the Poch variant is quite duller and somehow seems to be more violet and lighter what doesn’t show in the picture very well. I wasn’t able to find a picture of a MOC where the quality is good enough to use it for confirmation.

Typical for “Poch” is leaving the production ridged on figures (see arrow). The crack is factory-made and occurred while assembling. It is “fixed” as it is, means it’s “glued“ together on the shoulders like this. The typical melt-marks on the back are also a hint for it being a Poch figure. The face is very rough moulded. The saber has “flashing” all around and is very bendy. As said before quality is often poor on those Poch figures.

The COO shown left exists also as Kenner COO. Typical for the Poch variant seems to be the huge leftover from the “breaking point”. In the Kenner production this was normally smoothed.

The cape is unique to the Poch variant. I personally have never seen such material used for a Vader’s cape worldwide. The texturing can be seen in the pictures below. The cape feels kind of thinner then normal capes. I think you can see how extraordinary this material is on the leftover from the cutting process (to the right).